A big place

We’ve heard: “Mexico is a big place, can you be more specific about where you are going to be living?” Well, no, not really. We don’t know. We’ve not yet been to any of the places we’re considering. But we hear good things.

This may sound like not-a-very-good-plan. But we think it will be fun. Lots of exploring!

Here’s how it will work: We’re spending 3 weeks to find the first landing spot in our adventure. After this exploratory trip, we’ll come back to the states to get our cats and household goods. We’ll then settle somewhere for at least a few months.

We want to be in an area with a strong city center, very walkable, with lots of things to do and fast internet. Here’s the list of current contenders:

  • Mexico City
    • why it might be great: incredibly big and diverse, direct flights everywhere
    • why it might not: expensive, gridlock, pollution, income inequality, possible groping in buses(?)
  • Querataro
    • why it might be great: rated the safest and highest quality of life in Mex.
    • why it might not: expensive
  • San Miguel
    • why it might be great: cheap to live, active expat community, beautiful
    • why it might not: small, gentrification
  • Guanajuato
    • why it might be great: a pedestrian’s city, beautiful,  tunnels
    • why it might not: maybe too small
  • Cuernavaca
    • why it might be great: cheap to live, clearly spoken spanish, close to Mex City
    • why it might not: ???
  • Guadalajara
    • why it might be great: cheap to live, tech center, really big/diverse, tequila and mariachis, direct flights back to the states
    • why it might not: Cartel de Nuevo Jalisco
Guadalajara to Mexico City is ~350 miles.

Of course, we know nothing until we’ve been there. We’d love to hear from anyone who has! As we go through these cities in December, we’ll post our reports here.

A big place

Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Mexico

An Announcement

We’ve quit our jobs, sold our house and are moving to Mexico.

Let’s get this out of the way first – it’s not because of the politics. We love hearing from the candidates and receiving the ads in the mail. If we could have stuck around for another year of it, we totally would have.

The place we live(d). Very San Francisco. The cable car runs just one block away

Why? WTF?

It’s for the adventure, or a way of downsizing our lives, or a mid-life crisis (that came early, of course). We’re not really sure, to be honest. Because it’s possible.

We want many things from this adventure. We want to gain some command of the Spanish language. We want to immerse ourselves in a different culture, outside of our comfort zone. We want to live more simply, with less stuff and more time. We want to eat some major tacos.

So we’re doing it. Next month. December.

We’ll follow up with another post soon about how the next couple of months is going down.

Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Mexico