Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Mexico

An Announcement

We’ve quit our jobs, sold our house and are moving to Mexico.

Let’s get this out of the way first – it’s not because of the politics. We love hearing from the candidates and receiving the ads in the mail. If we could have stuck around for another year of it, we totally would have.

The place we live(d). Very San Francisco. The cable car runs just one block away

Why? WTF?

It’s for the adventure, or a way of downsizing our lives, or a mid-life crisis (that came early, of course). We’re not really sure, to be honest. Because it’s possible.

We want many things from this adventure. We want to gain some command of the Spanish language. We want to immerse ourselves in a different culture, outside of our comfort zone. We want to live more simply, with less stuff and more time. We want to eat some major tacos.

So we’re doing it. Next month. December.

We’ll follow up with another post soon about how the next couple of months is going down.

Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Mexico

2 thoughts on “Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Mexico

  1. janet filomeo says:

    Really, really happy for the two of you — and proud of you. You are doing what so many of us would maybe do if we were a little bit braver. I know you will always miss SF — and maybe be back one day.


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