A big place

We’ve heard: “Mexico is a big place, can you be more specific about where you are going to be living?” Well, no, not really. We don’t know. We’ve not yet been to any of the places we’re considering. But we hear good things.

This may sound like not-a-very-good-plan. But we think it will be fun. Lots of exploring!

Here’s how it will work: We’re spending 3 weeks to find the first landing spot in our adventure. After this exploratory trip, we’ll come back to the states to get our cats and household goods. We’ll then settle somewhere for at least a few months.

We want to be in an area with a strong city center, very walkable, with lots of things to do and fast internet. Here’s the list of current contenders:

  • Mexico City
    • why it might be great: incredibly big and diverse, direct flights everywhere
    • why it might not: expensive, gridlock, pollution, income inequality, possible groping in buses(?)
  • Querataro
    • why it might be great: rated the safest and highest quality of life in Mex.
    • why it might not: expensive
  • San Miguel
    • why it might be great: cheap to live, active expat community, beautiful
    • why it might not: small, gentrification
  • Guanajuato
    • why it might be great: a pedestrian’s city, beautiful,  tunnels
    • why it might not: maybe too small
  • Cuernavaca
    • why it might be great: cheap to live, clearly spoken spanish, close to Mex City
    • why it might not: ???
  • Guadalajara
    • why it might be great: cheap to live, tech center, really big/diverse, tequila and mariachis, direct flights back to the states
    • why it might not: Cartel de Nuevo Jalisco
Guadalajara to Mexico City is ~350 miles.

Of course, we know nothing until we’ve been there. We’d love to hear from anyone who has! As we go through these cities in December, we’ll post our reports here.

A big place

3 thoughts on “A big place

    1. from the article: “0.8 percent of households had planned to relocate abroad in 2009; by 2011, the number had soared to 2.5 percent, or 7.5 million people.” Of those, 20% start a blog with map-arrow graphics 🙂


  1. Add safety issues as a negative to Cuernavaca. Also the local government there has had problems with keeping the city clean and functioning.You can probably get some deals on property though. I do have friends there if you want a contact (Mexicans and Americans that winter there). My Mexican friends tend not to go out at night and if they have to, they take guards. Guanajuato is small and feels very confining, I was bored there after a day. Income inequality is all over Mexico, not just Mexico City. It is a great city though with lots of interesting things to do. People with money tend to leave for the weekend so traffic in and out of the city can be impossible. And yes, I’ve been groped on a Mexico City bus however I think Mexico City has gotten quite safe for such a large city. Puebla, Cuernavaca, Queretero all have airport commuter buses (to Mexico City airport). San Miguel de Allende has too many resident Americans for my taste and the weather is too cold although I love it for a visit. I’ll be interested to hear what you think about Guadalajara, it has always struck me as lacking charm but Tlaquepaque is quite pretty.


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