Launch Day!

Today we set off. We’re not ready at all. Current status:

  • Our cats are in kitty jail for the next 30 days (actually the super swanky Mission:Cats)
  • Allison lost her voice (1st time in her life!) due to some cold-like thing.
  • We signed our house sale docs (The closing is next week)
  • Roger and Allison are in a U-haul somewhere between San Francisco and Las Vegas with all of our worldly possessions. (That’s where we’re storing our shit)
  • We’ve booked exactly 3 days of our 3 week adventure in Mexico. Fortunately these are the first 3 days.

We’ll be flying into Mex City on Saturday. From there we’ll begin our tour of central Mexico, hopefully finding a city where we will settle in January. That’s when we jailbreak the cats and fly them down to join us.

We’ll post more after we land. Meanwhile, here are some pics of the kitties getting put in jail


Launch Day!

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