Mexico City Report

We love Mexico City and plan to stay here a while. We’ll continue with our tour of several cities (and share our pics), but we’ve put an offer in for an apartment to rent and hopefully it will come through.

Things that surprised us on this trip:

  • Really easy: even with our pitiful spanish, we could do/get everything we wanted
  • Lots of guns: the police here are fully armed, and not all of them look smart/awake
  • The metro is cheap and awesome: 5 pesos to ride the subway means that we don’t need a car
  • We forgot about the pollution: it is real. Especially if you are on a busy street. But not Beijing real, more like LA in the 90’s bad.
  • Fences everywhere: the universidad and all major parks have fences around them. super weird.

In these few days here, we walked over 50 miles, rode the subway 6 times, hailed 3 ubers and one cab. And we haven’t even experienced the beginning of this huge city.

El Centro Historico

Our first couple of nights were booked here. The plaza is supposed to be in the top 3 biggest central plazas in the world: Tienamen Square, Red Square, and here in El Centro. Our airbnb host says this is also the largest ice skating rink in the world.

Here are some pics of the area. Sorry for the weird google+ embed. This is the downside of using all free tools

San Angel

This is a ritzier neighborhood. The mansions in the area were spectacular, but it’s a little rich for our blood.


This is the place that’s calling to us. Hipsters with french bulldogs, everywhere. We’re trying to get this little apartment in a neighborhood called the Hipodromo: named such because it used to be a horse racetrack before it was developed. If all goes well, we’ll be adjacent to Parque Mexico and Roger will be jogging the 1.5 mile loop daily (altitude adjustment required) and Allison will be upside down in the Iyengar yoga studio (if she can understand Sanskrit-Spanish).

We didn’t take many pics of the area, but google image search does it justice

Museo Nacional de Antropología

Once we finally got past all of the fences, this museum was incredible. We spent most of the day and only made it through 1/3 of the spaces. And it’s attached to this ginormous park (Bosque de Chapultapec = ~1700 acres). Tons more here, but here are some pics from us at the museum.

That’s it for now. We’re off to Queretaro next. Then San Miguel, Guanajuato, and finally Guadalajara before we’re done.

Mexico City Report

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