Tour de Pueblicitas

We’ve secured our apartment in Mexico DF, but the tour continues. In the last week, we’ve visited San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and Leon. We’re starting to experience moments of grumpiness – we may have bitten off as much as we can chew. Things that are not perfect include:

  1. A total lack of leafy green vegetables in our diet. If we weren’t eating
    Random Alleyway

    so much fruit we may develop scurvy.

  2. Our inept packing – we each managed to pack 50 lbs of gear into our personal suitcase, and have found only ~15lbs of it useful. One bag is damaged from the weight of it all.
  3. Our spanish language skills. We can generally get across what we mean to say, but cannot understand the words of others. So far, we’ve just been assuming they are saying what we expect them to say. That seems to work about 75% of the time, the rest of the time we resort to comical miming or transition to english.
  4. Cultural idiocy: We’re absolutely sure we’re offending left and right with either being too formal or not formal enough in our language and gestures. But it goes both ways. We went to see the mummies of Guanajuato yesterday and ran out of that museum as fast as we could. Our sensibilities were totally shocked by the displays of mummified pubic hair!

All of this is not to complain. We do want to make sure we haven’t painted a picture of us walking blissfully hand in hand, as locals pour tequila and anticipate our every need.

One great thing is to call out is the bus system. We’ve been taking busses between cities. Tickets are generally ~$5 per hour of travel and they are awesome. I’m writing this on a 4 hour ride From Guanajuato to Guadalajara. I’ve got a bag lunch with water, personal entertainment system, wifi, huge comfy seat with footrest and beautiful scenery flying by a huge window. It’s really nice. Greyhound should be ashamed of itself.

But enough commentary, you are here for pictures and descriptions of cities. All that starts now.

San Miguel de Allende

We were lucky enough to stay with some wonderful new friends in SMA that showed us the city (Thanks Yoed and Tasha!). It’s beautiful, calm, and we heard more english there than at any other point on the trip. The town is small enough that the stars come out at night. It’s just as beautiful and iconic as we thought it would be. It’s no wonder so many gringos come to spend the winter or all year there – some call it the Disneyland of Mexico.

We can totally see ourselves living there someday, or at least visiting often. Right now, we want more immersion in Spanish. We’re afraid that we could exist there indefinitely without learning the language.


Guanajuato is like a city built on the sides of a canyon. Everything is vertical, so you get fantastic vistas – especially at night. It’s not much bigger than San Miguel, but exists as both a tourist stop and a college town (20K students).

To accommodate all of the traffic, they built tunnels for the cars throughout the city. It is really fun to drive through – except the exhaust fumes are super powerful down there.

We were also able to see Star Wars: The Force Awakenings in a cine super close to our airbnb, on opening night, in english and with about 10 other people in the theatre. $2.50/ticket. For this reason, Guanajuato will always occupy a special place in our hearts!


We were happy to steal an old friend as a tour guide for the few hours we spent in Leon (Thanks Janna!). Leon is a city of more than a million people known for its leather goods. There is a fabulous mercado across from the bus station, with super high quality goods – we’re talking about fashionable leather jackets, shoes and bags. There’s also tourist crap, but totally go and expect to get great stuff. We’ll have to head back to get some decent pictures.


Tour de Pueblicitas

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