Six-Month Report

The park by our house with an outdoor showing of “Mamma Mia”

Today at lunch, I was telling Allison that some activity suited her well. I knew the phrase began with “that’s right up your…”, and I knew the phrase wasn’t rude. But I couldn’t find the right word.

It’s “alley”. The phrase is “up your alley”. I’ve also recently lost “pearls on swine” and several other really useful english phrases.

Small price to pay for the experience. It’s now been over six months ┬ásince we decided to leave the US for a while and so far we’re doing well.

We’ve downsized our lives dramatically. Our monthly budget is about 20% of what it was in San Francisco, even though we travel every month. If we packed up to leave tomorrow, we could still fit it all in our 2 suitcases, 2 backpacks, and 2 cat carriers. We’re making good friends and slowly learning the language.

I love that chilis were prominent at the last supper

About 25hrs/week is dedicated to language learning. It’s not nearly enough. We get jealous of our friends that are learning more quickly because they have no one here to speak to in their native tongue. Allison and I look at each other and curse our stupid love and happiness for the way it holds us back in class.

A particularly awesome meal we had in Oaxaca City, complete with mezcal de la casa.

The rest of the week is devoted to doing things slowly and poorly that would be easy for us in the US and are easy for Mexicans. Like buying lightbulbs. Had to learn how to do that all over again. These things should be standardized across the world, I think.

It feels a lot like being a teenager and away at college for the first time (we even have student IDs!). Except that we’re old and go to bed at 10PM.

That’s all. We’re still here and intact. We will probably be here through the end of the year.

Six-Month Report